A real human maximizing your money.

Personal financial advising in a simple mobile app. Free for students.

Find money you're leaving on the table.

Whether you want to eliminate student loan debt, travel the world, start investing, find a new credit card, or add to your sneaker collection, your Findo peer advisor from your university can guide you towards your financial dreams.

Financial guidance in your pocket.

Findo’s financial advisors are trained peers with backgrounds in financial advising. They can help you see the big picture.

Oh, and they’re people too - human beings that can understand you, your life, and your desired lifestyle (they aren’t robots).

A secure, privacy-first human connection.

Findo peer financial advisors are on-demand resources for personalized financial advice, but the decisions remain yours. Your advisor only has as much financial information as you wish to reveal and will never have direct access to manipulate your accounts without your approval.

Free for Students.

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