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A note from the founders

Fellow college students,

We check our bank account balance before going out, crunch numbers to know how many shifts we need to work to afford Spring Break, jot notes in calendars to remember when rent is due, and even make the occasional Excel spreadsheet to get some some peace of mind about how much money we have to spend this semester.

Despite the ways we try to be smart with money, cars break down, bars have specials we can't pass up, we remember we have to pay for these things called "textbooks," and our friends seem to want to eat out a bit more than we should.

Balancing school and work shouldn't be so annoying, and spending money shouldn't make us feel so guilty. We're in college, dammit!

That's why we're building an app that thinks about our money so that we don't have to. We're calling it Findo (fin·doh).

- Jacob & Nick

Here are some ways you can help us help students...

🖥  Get Started Early

You can get set up on Findo through your browser!
When our mobile app launches, you'll already be ready to go 🙌

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🛠  Test Early Prototypes

Get your hands dirty and test some of our crazy mobile prototypes.
Schedule a 20-minute testing session with us over Zoom.

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Share Findo and we'll give you early access to the mobile app.

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Got other ideas for how you might be a part of what we're building?
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