Help your students be financially well.

Findo enables universities to engage with students and help them manage their finances.

Engage with students in the context of their finances.

About 70% of students are stressed about their finances, but few have the time, energy, or resources to seek help. Findo's simple chatbot enables universities to engage with students and answer questions about their finances in real-time.

Deliver financial guidance where students are looking for it.

Findo provides a platform to connect peer financial "advisors" from your university to students who are identified by Findo's chatbot as in-need. Students are looking for guidance digitally; universities must be positioned to deliver guidance digitally.

A secure, privacy-first human connection.

Findo's peer financial advisors are on-demand resources for personalized financial advice, but the decisions remain the students'. Likewise, Findo manages the student relationship, but sensitive student financial data is only visible to us upon student approval.

Just $1000 per year.

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